28 February 2012


I don't really like to keep repeat or to preach the same topic "Go Green,Minimalist your Life and cut down your desire of unnecessary consumptions,make the World more simple and happier". Frightfully sorry for that,no offense.Sometime i feel helpless and disappointed when i looked back and contemplate,what we've done to this big blue planet,our Mother Land? And what we've done to ourselves,our body,mind and soul? Bound by all so-called "Responsibilities" to make more money and to spend more money.That's all what you think about HAPPINESS and what you want for your LIFE? Is that a little bit too narrow and selfish? 

I found myself annoying too when i keep sharing the video clip or post all about the SAME topic,but what else can i do? Instead of showing off what I've bought,where I've traveled,what I had for my breakfast/lunch/dinner,how my mood swing today,how i spend my money in a very 'smart' way to buy heaps of cool stuff ? Or how i make more money in a fucking 'smart' way without any stupid wasting-time laboring?

TIME is fair to everyone.Every single being/species.

I am not a philosopher or someone who looking for ultimate truths or splendid revelations. What I am doing is just listen to what my inner space tells,be calm and conscious to what had happened in my daily life. Aware of the fragility worldly rules of the unconscious masses or so-called the 'main stream'.

Try to learn more about sustainable living, practice an eco-friendly way of life. Learn to plant trees,grow my own vegetables and fruits,learn more about soil,water,sun and air,learn how to make my own ecologically harmless,biodegradable soap/laundry detergent/shampoo and even toothpaste.

Maybe you will laugh out loud and think that I'm insane,want to make all the stuff myself instead of get one easily in shops. I'm not insane nor dreamer but just too realistic or over realistic to what i really want for my life. I want my hands my hair full of smell and dirt of soil and sun. I want my body sweat like a pig =)


Wen Chin

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