26 July 2014


一个月的假期很快结束了,或许还没真正结束,因为我还在路上。生活本是一场长途旅行。从德国Larz四天的Fusion Festival到Nuremberg,再到意大利。貌似无所事事了整整一个月,却似乎又想通了些什么。每每遇见一些人事物学会/体验了一些什么,让自己不断进阶成另一个更自在从容的自己。
 Couch Surfing,Rome,Italy.
 Happy Couch Surfing!

Random Jam session at Syracuse,Sicily Island.
 A tranquil Eco Villange in Sortino,Sicily Island.
 "Collect good people,truly good people. Protect and love them the best you can."
Somebody says,spend some time lying under the shade of trees,connect to nature,is good for your soul. I think that's an effective way to nurture our soul and calm our mind :)

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